Photo archive of Japanese Religions

The Nanzan Institute has prepared an open-source collection of visual images related to Japanese religions, based on a donation of over 800 slides from Ian Reader, professor at Lancaster University. All images may be downloaded free of charge in two formats: one suitable for multimedia presentations and the other at high-resolution suitable for printing.

Ian Reader provides the following note:

"The items in the galleries were all originally either slides or negatives that I made into slides, and were mostly taken in the 1980s in the pre-digital era. Apart from a very few they were taken between 1985 and January 1989, when I had a decent camera (and before I dropped and wrecked it) and when I was working for a Japanese university and was able to access ‘research funds’, which I spent on travelling around Japan taking photographs of things that interested me. A small number of the pilgrimage slides were taken in a later visit to Japan in autumn 1990 and March 1991." [further notes available via weblink, above]

The submission of further materials for this photo archive is also possible via the Nanzan Institute.