About the Centre

© Confraternity of St James / Michael Krier

The Centre for Pilgrimage Studies at York has been formed to support a growing interdisciplinary network bringing together expertise from across the UK and beyond. It aims to provide a simple ‘hub’, through which the many academics and practitioners at work in this rapidly-growing field can exchange information, and to encourage interdisciplinary, inter-institutional conversations and collaboration.

The Centre is overseen by a steering group of scholars from a wide range of institutions in the UK, US and Australia, as well as experts from English Heritage, the British Museum and the National Museum of Scotland.

The University of York has provided funding to establish the Centre, create a pilot database of pilgrimage resources and hold network-building events, with a view to developing new research collaborations and projects. The Centre is situated in the Humanities Research Centre at York and supported by the Department of History.

The Centre builds on research and projects carried out in the University’s Centre for the Study of Christianity and Culture, including the publication of the Pilgrims and Pilgrimage interactive CD-ROM (2nd edition, 2011) and the English Cathedrals and Monasteries interactive DVD-ROM (2013).